Dimplex XLE Slimline Storage Heaters

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Dimplex XLE Slimline Storage Heaters
Dimplex XLE Slimline Storage Heaters
Dimplex XLE Slimline Storage Heaters
Dimplex XLE Slimline Storage Heaters
Dimplex XLE Slimline Storage Heaters
Product CodeInputOutputDimensionsHeats up toPriceStockQty
Dimplex XLE050 500W Slimline Storage HeaterXLE050
QF #: 13621
1020 W
500 W
581 x 749 x 185 mm
5 m²
ex VAT
inc VAT
Input1020 W
Output500 W
Dimensions581 x 749 x 185 mm
Heats up to5 m²
Dimplex XLE070 700W Slimline Storage HeaterXLE070
QF #: 13622
1560 W
700 W
703 x 749 x 182 mm
7 m²
ex VAT
inc VAT
Input1560 W
Output700 W
Dimensions703 x 749 x 182 mm
Heats up to7 m²
Dimplex XLE100 1000W Slimline Storage HeaterXLE100
QF #: 13623
2220 W
1000 W
825 x 749 x 182 mm
10 m²
ex VAT
inc VAT
Input2220 W
Output1000 W
Dimensions825 x 749 x 182 mm
Heats up to10 m²
Dimplex XLE125 1250W Slimline Storage HeaterXLE125
QF #: 13624
2760 W
1250 W
947 x 749 x 182 mm
12 m²
ex VAT
inc VAT
Input2760 W
Output1250 W
Dimensions947 x 749 x 182 mm
Heats up to12 m²
Dimplex XLE150 1500W Slimline Storage HeaterXLE150
QF #: 13625
3330 W
1500 W
1069 x 749 x 182 mm
15 m²
ex VAT
inc VAT
Input3330 W
Output1500 W
Dimensions1069 x 749 x 182 mm
Heats up to15 m²

Key Features of the Dimplex XLE

Modern designTraffic white finish
Programmable 7-day timerBoost mode available
Overheat protectionExcellent value for money
Open window detectionAutomatic charge control/td>
Bluetooth for software updatesComplies with Lot 20 of ERP Directive


A sleek modern design, the XLE Slimline is ideal where powerful heating is required despite limited wall or and floor space. Maximise the use of off-peak tariffs with the exceptional heat storage ability of the Dimplex XLE, all controllable through the digitised panel sitting on top of the heater. A graphical display with backlight shows temperature readings and customised settings, accessible with the audio feedback buttons.


The Dimplex XLE Slimline utilises the latest energy saving technologies, including Open window detection. The heater monitors room temperature and when there is a rapid change, such as a door opening and letting a draft in, the heater will pause operation, resuming once the ambient temperature has stabilised. This helps reduce energy wastage and retain stored temperature more efficiently.

The XLE is fan assisted, improving its ability to evenly distribute heat around the space. However, the fan is very quiet and unnoticeable, ensuring superior comfort and performance through the heater’s lifetime.

The latest models utilise an automatic charge module which intakes only enough energy overnight to heat the room during the day, no more. The heater intuitively learns the needs of the room to limits excess energy usage, keeping overall costs down.


The Dimplex XLE possess a boost mode function which is fully user adjustable. When activated, it will override its set programme and constantly expel warmth. If the stored heat runs out, the heater will use the mains, like a standard electrical heater. The mode is useful when immediate emergency heat is required.

7-day timers can be personalised to fit your preferred heating schedule. Able to be used at any time of day, the heater can be installed programmed and left alone, confident the heater will provide efficient and highly effective warmth.

The Overheat prevention feature ensure the components inside the heater will not be damaged from overuse. The heater will employ a safety cut-out system which keeps the elements and its surroundings safe.

The Dimplex XLE slimline is the next step in storage heating technology, a perfect replacement for older models. Using the same fittings as traditional storage heaters, the Slimline is a stylish and cost-effect heating solution.


ModelRating (W)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Heats up to

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Product reviews

4.791% Positive (23 reviews)

Ratings based on data collected by third party reviewing platform.


Suzannah Kitchener, Milton Keynes
19 January 2022 11:10

Dimplex XLE100 1000W Slimline Storage Heater

Gosh what a difference warmth when you like it. Beautiful design & economical. Highly recommend.

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Dimplex XLE150 1500W Slimline Storage Heater

Gosh what a difference warmth when you like it & beautiful design. Economical.

View product

Heater Shop Company give professional service. Quality economic heaters. Excellent financial plan. I highly recommend !!

Thank you so much for this 5-star review. We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about us. We’re here for you anytime.


Trusted Customer
2 December 2021 09:10

Dimplex XLE100 1000W Slimline Storage Heater

This Dimplex heater requires dual power feeds for normal and night electricity, whereas the Dimplex heater it replaced only required a single night tariff feed. Had to fit an additional normal supply fused socket. Was not aware of this when purchasing.

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Heater Shop provided the best price for the specific Dimplex heater we purchased with free delivery. Placing the order online was all straight forward, and we received a follow up call confirming delivery date. The problem we encountered was the delivery lorry was apparently too big to get into our village, so we ended up having to arrange a van and collect it from the haulier's depot 50 miles away. Never experienced issues with such deliveries before. Not ideal.


Victor Mihai Sfirea
29 October 2021 07:25

Dimplex XLE070 700W Slimline Storage Heater

Look very nice
Good quality

View product

Very good communication
Delivery on time

Fantastic to hear, thank you very much for the really great review.


Carl Humphris
21 September 2021 16:04

Dimplex XLE050 500W Slimline Storage Heater

They were bought on recommendation by a good friend

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Quick service kept to delivery time no problems nice to have Reliable supplier at at fair price...

Thank you for submitting this great review. We appreciate you taking the time to leave us 5 stars.


Trusted Customer
31 August 2021 12:09

Dimplex XLE050 500W Slimline Storage Heater

It is a lovely heater and looks lovely in situation. It has some interesting modes as well. You can set it to holiday mode.I know...

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I really like the heater. I do live on a second floor flat, so it is worth being aware that a storage heater weighs around 10 stone. It can be carried in parts. I had no idea storage heaters were as heavy. Definitely worth it though.

It is great to hear you like the new heater. Thank you for submitting an informative 4 star review.


G Kirk
27 August 2021 07:25

Dimplex XLE150 1500W Slimline Storage Heater

Nice efficient storage heater

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Fast service ,helpful staff,best prices found online

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave an excellent rating.
We really appreciate your business.


Trusted Customer
16 August 2021 07:19

Dimplex XLE150 1500W Slimline Storage Heater

Product is cutting edge easy to programme llooks great and does not look out of place I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their storage heaters

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From start to finish seamless transaction great value for money staff are very knowledgeable and keep you informed every step

Thank you for the positive review. We are glad to hear our customer service/ sales team were able to advise you with their great product knowledge.
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave an excellent rating.


Trusted Customer
21 May 2021 15:58

Dimplex XLE150 1500W Slimline Storage Heater

So far so good work really well and I’m really happy with them. I am sure from what I’ve experienced so far that they will be great for warming my house in the winter. Although we have had some really cold weather since putting them in and the heat from them was great. I have had storage heaters for years as I have no gas and so far these are the best I’ve ever had.

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Very happy with their service, the reason for not giving 5 stars was because they gave me an estimated date and said they would keep me informed all the way. It came on the estimated date which was great but I had no warning. Luckily I was at home so all was well.

Thank you for your positive feedback. We appreciate your business with us.
I am sorry to hear you were not updated regarding your delivery however it is good it was delivered on the estimated date and you are happy with the product.


Kevin Jones
17 March 2021 07:41

Dimplex XLE150 1500W Slimline Storage Heater

Works as expected, silent and easily programmed.

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Good communication and prompt delivery.
However delivery to a domestic address by a 32 tonne articulated truck was a bit of a mistake.
Especially as there was no lifting equipment on the truck.
I was advised that the truck would have a tail lift, but it sadly didn't.
Fortunately I had a lifting platform, and neighbours.
I'm assuming this was all due to Covid restrictions, so I'm not that concerned


Marilyn Cooke
18 February 2021 08:41

Dimplex XLE070 700W Slimline Storage Heater

I made my purchase with you because the heater was described as a storage heater and appeared to be the same as the one it has replaced. It is not at all the same.

I would describe it as a room heater that can release its heat, fairly quickly, according to the setting. As it has a fan, it does not store the heat for very long.

PS I have heated my house very happily, with storage heaters for over 25 years. I don't get heat at the times I want, from the one I bought from The Heater Shop.

I buy my electricity at the cheap night rate and benefit from convection heat during the expensive day time.
If I had talked to someone about the heater I would have been better informed and may have chosen a more suitable model.

View product

I am very happy with the supply and delivery of my new heater.

After it had been fitted I realised that I should have had a lot more information about the way the heater worked, before I bought it.

I assumed, stupidly, that as it was described as a storage heater it would work like the one it replaced.
The new heater has a fan that wafts the heat into the room. I don't need that because the heater is very cool by mid-day.
Convection is good enough for me, the heat in my old heaters is given out slowly all day. My old storage heaters are switched on by EOn, when the rate changes from high to low.
The room setting for the heater you supplied, set at the factory, is too low and the instruction in the handbook are unclear. I haven't had courage to try to change the temperature from 21 to 24 yet.

I will consider buying any new heaters I need from The Heater Shop but I will require far more information about how they work before any new purchase.

Thank you for your feedback.
We have a dedicated technical sales team that have in depth knowledge about our radiators. We are available to call on 01473 276686 and would be very happy to help with any future heaters to ensure that you get the right heater for the job.

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