Water Heaters FAQs

What is the difference between Vented and Unvented water heaters?

Vented water heaters are a standalone system, ideal when there is no suitable access to a central boiler. The vented system allows trapped air to escape as it heats the expanding cold water drawn from a water tank. Traditional, simple and affordable, a vented water heater operates at a lower pressure, excellent for localised water heating.

Unvented water heaters connect directly to the mains water feed, providing hot water at high pressure. Perfect for showers, baths and power taps, unvented water heaters can be more expensive but provide powerful hot water reliably. Unvented systems provide the ultimate comfort but cannot work if the mains water supply is turned off.

What size water heater do I need?

The heater size you require very much depends upon your intended reason for use and predicted frequency of use. Recommended estimates are often inaccurate; the best way to understand your required size is to record and calculate your usage during an average day.

Your hot water heater will never run out of hot water if you size your cylinder correctly. You should allow at least 40 litres per occupant for most households, however personal habits such as showering frequently and hand washings can affect usage. For the best results and to stay prepared for the future, be sure to install a size up.

What are instantaneous water heaters?

A great alternative heating solution, compact instantaneous water heaters store water at a constant hot temperature. This can be manually adjusted and also accessed via multiple outlets. The compact design eliminates the need for hot water cylinders and excessive water storage, ideal for areas with limited space.

Instantaneous water heaters connect to the mains water supply and an electrical outlet, perfect for supplying hot water to remote areas such as the garden workshop or attic room.

Should I buy an over sink or under sink water heater?

Working in a very similar way, over sink and under sink water heater variants are ideal for supplying hot water to rooms where there is not an exceptionally large demand. Great for small businesses or amenities, they are quick and easy to install, improving employee satisfaction and hygiene.

Under sink is generally more discreet, great for residential settings and connecting to pre-built sinks with available storage space underneath. They can provide a welcome boost to the weak central boiler’s supply.

Over sink is easily accessible and often features temperature controls. With a limited supply of stored hot water and a thermal safety cut out, over sink water heating solutions are ideal for workers and students. They are splash-proof and durable, offering instant, constant, clean water.

Do stored water heaters heat water all day?

Stored water heaters are an excellent efficient solution for household hot water; they are excellent at retaining and maintaining heat without wasting energy. If the temperature of the overall supply drops below a certain pre-set temperature, the heater will activate for a short time; therefore, the heater will not use electricity all day.

If no water is being used, the heater will work to maintain a constant temperature as it has been directed - with minimal energy usage and advanced efficiency. Depending on the flow rate the heater can run out of hot water and will work to establish set hot water levels. However if the heater is sized correctly this is unlikely to ever happen. Stored electrical water heaters can be tailored to your needs, working toward your schedule, and offer ultimate control over your household heating solution. 

How can I buy a Water Heater?

You wan browse our water heaters online, or call us on 01473 276686 and one of our team will be happy to assist.