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Over Sink Water Heaters


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You have a number of options to choose from when shopping for an over sink water heater here at Heater Shop. With capacities ranging from 5 litres to 15 litres, you should have no trouble locating the model that is best suited to meet your requirements.

Over sink water heaters are installed above the sink to make it simple to get hot water wherever it's needed. They come in a small package that is designed to make installation simple above any size sink, from the most basic to the most elaborate. Because they use electricity to heat the water, all that is necessary for them to function is an electrical outlet. This eliminates the requirement for gas plumbing in the home. Because they are designed to be installed over the sink, it is simple to do so even in areas with restricted floor space. Water heaters that are installed above the sink supply hot water without the necessity of installing a separate hot water unit. Because they are only capable of producing a limited quantity of hot water at once, they are ideal for use in spaces such as hand washing areas, small office kitchens, and outbuildings or caravans.

oversink water heater

Vented vs Unvented Over Sink Water Heater

When it is necessary to confine the heating of the water to a specific area, vented water heaters are an excellent option. This item is frequently used in circumstances in which the central boiler is in an inconvenient location or does not exist at all. These can be installed in commercial as well as residential spaces, and the process of installing them is uncomplicated and uncomplicatedly simple.

Due to the adaptability of its installation, an unvented water heater is a solution that is both practical and economical for residential and commercial properties. It eliminates the requirement for a separate cold-water supply, converts the pressure of the mains supply into heat to generate hot water, and ensures that all outlets receive an equal amount of water.

Our Range

We carry a wide range of products, all of which are designed to perform exceptionally well in different scenarios. We'll have a model that is suitable for you, whether you are looking for something to use in a school, a bathroom, an office, or a temporary unit. Tank capacities range from 5 to 15 litres, and power outputs go from 2 to 3.3 kilowatts, depending on the model. You are guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck with some of the best prices available online, in addition to a standard warranty that lasts for two years.

over sink electric water heater
above sink water heater

Why use Heater Shop?

We prioritise the needs of our patrons. Our sole concern is to ensure that the requirements of our clients are met, and this priority is reflected in the products we procure, the services we provide, and the quality checks we carry out. This means that we are making certain that we have products that are suitable for all types of styles and budgets, that our products are delivered on time and in perfect condition, and that we are actively seeking reviews and feedback from our customers. We consider the reviews and feedback that we receive to be your voice, and we enjoy listening to it. It reveals not only what we are doing correctly, but also what we are doing incorrectly, which enables us to continually assess and enhance the procedures we have in place.

We have a broad selection of products available for purchase. These can be found in a wide variety of configurations, including shapes, sizes, materials, styles, and colours. Every product comes with at least a one-year warranty, but most of them carry much longer guarantees—up to thirty years in some cases. We provide a free next-day delivery service throughout the majority of the United Kingdom, regardless of how much or how little you spend, and we also provide a 14-day return policy with no questions asked. Should you change your mind, all you have to do is send the item back to us unused and in its original packaging to receive a full refund. In addition, we offer a price match guarantee, which means that if you find one of our products sold elsewhere at a lower price, we will honour that lower price and match it.

If you have any questions regarding our electric wall heaters or would like to inquire about stock, please call one of our team members on 01473 276686. They will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Delivery Times

Our Ipswich warehouse is where we keep most of our products in stock. Customers will benefit from free next-day delivery as a result. The estimated delivery time for each product range and individual item can be found during checkout. We offer free, next-day delivery to most locations in the United Kingdom. Call us at 01473 276686 if you have any questions about delivery.