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At heater shop, we offer a wide selection of hot water cylinders and hot water tanks. These are available in a range of materials, from some of the UK’s leading brands including Rointe, Gledhill, and Stiebel Eltron and can be used with many different heating systems.

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You will need hot water cylinders for central heating systems where you have regular and system boilers installed. Hot water cylinders or hot water tanks as they are sometimes called can be confusing. Put basically, the cylinder you will need will depend on two things, how you heat the water in your home and how you want the water to be distributed.

Types of Hot Water Cylinders

Indirect Cylinders

Indirect cylinders work by storing hot water that is produced by an external heat source. Water inside the cylinder is heated indirectly by that heat source which can be a boiler, immersion heater or solar panels.

Direct Cylinders

Water that is stored in a direct cylinder is heated by one or more immersion heaters located within the cylinder itself. It does not require any external heat sources to heat the water. These can be either vented or unvented which basically means how the water going to be distributed around your house.

Vented Cylinders

A vented cylinder would use a separate feed tank in the loft to provide it cold water from the mains. The system uses gravity to create pressure. The hot water is heated and distributed to the hot water outlets.

Unvented Cylinders

An unvented cylinder is one that you would use if you wanted the mains water pressure to distribute the hot water around your property. This would then feed it to all your hot water outlets at a consistent pressure.

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