What is Far Infrared?

February 27, 2019 Paul

Infrared wavelengths themselves are divided into 3 distinct categories, due to the different physical characteristics of each wavelength.

Near Infrared - (IRA, Short wave or Bright Infrared heaters and Heat Lamps) operate between 780 nm to 1,400 nm and emit temperatures of 1300°C and more plus a certain amount of “deep red” visible light. Applications of this technology include heat lamps for food preparation; large volume “space” heating requirements and certain carefully controlled medical applications.

Medium Infrared - (IRB or Medium Wave) infrared heaters operate between 1,400 nm and 3,000 nm and emit temperatures around 1000°C. Applications of this technology include autoclaves and plastic welding. This is the wavelength sought by heat-seeking missiles.

Far infrared - (IRC, long wave or Dark Radiators) operate in the wavelengths above 3,000 nm. Far Infrared elements emit much lower temperatures, typically around the 100°C mark and no visible light. This is the wavelength used in domestic “comfort” heating and Infrared Sauna applications.

Far Infrared is consequently the only applicable technology for a “comfort” heating application.

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