Elnur TBBi - Towel Rails

Elnur TBBi - Towel Rails
Elnur TBBi - Towel Rails
Elnur TBB-8i - Electric Towel Rail Radiator, White, 300WTBB-8i
QF #: 8349
White500 x 870 x 80 mm300 W
Dimensions500 x 870 x 80 mm
Wattage300 W
Elnur TBB-12i - Electric Towel Rail Radiator, White, 600WTBB-12i
QF #: 8350
White500 x 1280 x 80 mm600 W
Dimensions500 x 1280 x 80 mm
Wattage600 W
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The Elnur TBBi towel rail range provides maximum comfort and convenience. This model has a programmable constant heat option, for 1 or 2 hours that means that towels and other delicates can be dried quickly.

It also comes with an ambient thermostat and timer with pilot wiring central controller. Its powder coated finish in white colour is available in 150W, 300W and 600W. You can enjoy the luxury of warm towels and a perfectly heated bathroom.

Why choose the Elnur TBBi towel rail?

  • Low density thermal fluid.
  • ± 0.1 ºC high sensitivity electronic thermostat.
  • Safety thermal cut out.
  • Operating mode selector, including frost protection option.
  • High safety wall brackets.
  • Supplied with 1.5 m mains cable.
  • IP44 protection, against dripping water.
  • Class II insulation.
  • 1 hour, 2 hour booster control.
  • Keypad lock.
  • Models finished in white RAL 9010 epoxy.
  • Compatible with pilot wiring multi-zone central controller available as accessories.
  • Electronic control only in TBB-8i and TBB-12i versions.

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