Why choose an Electric Combi boiler?

February 27, 2019 Paul

Electric combination boilers are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives to gas boilers. They work by using electricity to deliver heat to radiators and to provide hot water.

Benefits: Electric boilers are compact in size, silent in operation and easy to install. They don’t need a flue so can be located anywhere. In excess of 99% efficient, they are economical in use and hot water is at the taps within 5-10 seconds with radiators at full temperature within 3 minutes. As they don’t emit carbon monoxide they are safer than gas boilers, and don’t require an annual safety check.

Disadvantages: In some cases electric boilers can be a little more expensive to run than other types of boiler, but there is more to consider, such as maintenance and repair costs as well as fuel for the alternatives. Also you need to consider that in the event of a power cut, you will be without heating and hot water.

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