Why choose Kyros electric radiators over the K series?

Key Features and improvements to the K Series are:

  • New faster microprocessors that help improve performance and accuracy.
  • New improved SMD electronics improving natural life span and reliability. Improved performance at 38% consumption instead of 40% consumption in the same tests.
  • Left hand side panel offering an elegant finished look.
  • Clearer and improved screen compared to the K series.

Other Rointe Kyros Benefits:

  • Perfectly balanced at 110w per element to avoid overheating the front panel while ensuring an adequate heat output.
  • Only the highest quality components are used.
  • Open Windows Function.
  • Fully integrated system via one unique remote control.
  • Flexible programming.
  • Improved guarantees - 3 years in the electronics and 20 years in the body compared to the 2 years in the electronics and 10 years in the body for the K series.
  • The combination of these high quality components has allowed Rointe to develop their flagship product: the Kyros radiator range.
  • The thoughtful design, digital technology and component quality of the Kyros radiators promote natural warm air convection as a means of space heating. This provides maximum thermal comfort with optimum relative humidity.
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