Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Towel Rails

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Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Towel Rails
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Towel Rails
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Towel Rails
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Towel Rails
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Towel Rails
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Towel Rails
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Towel Rails
Rointe D Series DesignLine Special Finish Towel Rails
Rointe D Series DTI030ACS Sahara Copper Satin 300W Digital Electric Towel RailDTI030ACS
QF #: 14623
300 W500 x 843 x 55 mm
£726.05 exc VAT
Wattage300 W
Dimensions500 x 843 x 55 mm
Rointe D Series DTI045ACS Sahara Copper Satin 450W Digital Electric Towel RailDTI045ACS
QF #: 14624
450 W500 x 1175 x 55 mm
£905.45 exc VAT
Wattage450 W
Dimensions500 x 1175 x 55 mm
Rointe D Series DTI060ACS Sahara Copper Satin 600W Digital Electric Towel RailDTI060ACS
QF #: 14625
600 W500 x 1475 x 55 mm
£1,089.40 exc VAT
Wattage600 W
Dimensions500 x 1475 x 55 mm
Rointe D Series DTI075ACS Sahara Copper Satin 750W Digital Electric Towel RailDTI075AOB
QF #: 14626
750 W500 x 1797 x 55 mm
£1,171.30 exc VAT
Wattage750 W
Dimensions500 x 1797 x 55 mm
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Key Features of the Rointe Design Line Range

  • 10 year warranty
  • No return option available for made-to-order products
  • Wide range of designer glosses available
  • 1.5mm thick ST12 steel bars
  • Quick DIY installation
  • A template and installation kit is also included to make installation as easy as possible
  • Transfer fluid exclusive to Rointe
  • 1.77" TFT touch display
  • Accurate thermostatic control
  • Open window detection
  • Infrared remote control
  • WIFI onboard
  • Boost function for immediate warmth
  • 24 hour 7 day programming
  • IP44 rating
  • Lot 20 compliant


The most exquisite and enjoyable rail available, the Rointe Designline also has the latest technology to boot. Made of 1.5mm thick ST12 steel and electrically welded for a perfect seal, the radiator is water-proof and features a slight curve design. Available in a variety of bespoke finishes, the artisanal quality will boost the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Keeping towels warm and heating your bathroom, the large D Series towel rail is available in a variety of sizes and power outputs. The D Series Towel Rails have a resistance of between 300 and 750 watts, which guarantees an optimal relation between resistance and thermal fluid, ensuring your rail heats quickly, and retains the heat for longer.

Installation is very quick and simple, able to plug in and go. We provide a template for marking the wall to ensure perfectly placed fittings, and all fixings are included. The instructional manual will advise on floor and wall positioning and distance from the electrical socket and any water sources.

Full list of DesignLine finishes

  • Amazon Green Oxide
  • Arizona Red Satin Nickel
  • Bronze
  • California 24 Carat Satin Gold
  • Caribbean Green Satin Nickel
  • Damascus Blackened Gold
  • Glacier White Marble
  • Maldives Black Copper
  • Ocean Blue Satin Nickel
  • Sahara Copper Satin
  • Tokyo Satin Oxide


The Rointe offers Smart technology with low consumption, Open window detection and weather prediction determines the energy required to reach the desired temperature. Once reached, the intelligent inbuilt technology generates thousands of micro cuts in energy consumption to maintain a stable temperature within a thermal variation of only ±0.25°C. Therefore, Rointe products only need an average of 38% of their nominal power.

The rail’s large TFT display provides easy access to temperature readings and efficiency indicators. Using a traffic light system of red, green and amber, the D Series indicates the week’s energy usage and wastage.

Each Rointe product complies to Lot 20 regulations, pushing for ecological and economical heating.


The Designline ensures complete comfort through a beautiful aesthetic and the latest home automation technology. The towel heater’s full functionality can be accessed through the inbuilt WIFI connection linking with your home router. Controlling individually or in tandem, Rointe heaters can be scheduled and modified from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

The product has a lock function, ideal for stopping student and children’s hands making costly changes.

The Designline features anti-frost mode as well as comfort, Eco and user mode. The boost function can be activated for 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes providing instant heat.

The towel rail can be programmed for 24 hour 7 day controlled performance, supplying flexible heating tailored to your schedule, no matter how irregular. The Rointe Designline offers a first class aesthetic with the best functionality to ensure excellent performance and efficiency.

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