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Too much or too little moisture in the air can cause a range of health issues that can be easily avoided by simply being able to control the humidity. A humidifier will put moisture back in to the air in your home.

Low humidity in the home is mainly caused by cold air (that has a lot less moisture than warm) entering the home and being heated and lowering the overall humidity. You’ll also find that humidity levels are a lot lower during the colder seasons. This can cause a variety of health problems such as skin & throat irritation, increased risk to infection, inflammation of allergies and asthma. Luckily, controlling the humidity in the home is extremely simple by using an air humidifier to increase the humidity.

That's where our range of humidifiers comes in. These products have been designed to keep your home environment healthy. They emit water vapour or steam into the air to increase the moisture levels to bring about optimum humidity levels. There are a range of options to choose from such as our warm/cold mist humidifier. But how do you choose the type that’s right for you?


Types of humidifiers

  • Central - These are usually built into home heating and air con systems. They are designed to humidify the whole house.
  • Ultrasonic - These produce a cool mist with ultrasonic vibration such as the Premi-I-Air EH1638 Olor Ultrasonic.
  • Impeller - These produce a cool mist using a rotating disk.
  • Evaporators - These use a fan to blow air through a wet wick, filter, or belt.
  • Steam vaporizers - These models use electricity to create steam that cools before leaving the machine.

What is the ideal humidity level?

The amount of humidity in the air will vary depending on where you live, the weather and the time of year. Humidity in your home should be kept between 30% and 50%. If it is constantly above 50% then you should check out our range of dehumidifiers as excess moisture can lead to issues such as damp and mould. You can measure humidity using a hygrometer. These are very similar to thermometers in functionality and appearance. They measure the amount of moisture in the air and can be purchased at most hardware stores. Many models now feature built in hygrometers but are known as humidistats.

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What issues can low or high humidity cause?

High humidity

Although more of a problem in hotter climates than that of the UK, there are still times when it is extremely humid inside and outside the home. High humidity itself can cause a number of issues, including:

  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Low Energy & Lethargy
  • Heat Exhaustion/Hypothermia
  • Fainting
  • Heat Stroke

Most of these are avoidable by drinking plenty of water and staying inside and coo. However, high humidity in the home can cause condensation. When it humidifies, it can then trigger the growth of bacteria, dust mites and mould. These allergens can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergy and asthma flare-ups. All of these are easily treatable and avoidable with the use of a dehumidifier. This takes the moisture out of the air to bring humidity levels down to a healthier level.

Low humidity

During winter months, we all notice that the air gets dryer, our skin gets more sensitive and we are more at risk to infections such as the cold or flu. This is even more pronounced when in the home where you are spending a lot of time. Low humidity can cause many health issues, this includes:

  • Dry skin & throat irritation
  • Itchy eyes
  • Increased risk to infections
  • Dry sinuses
  • Inflammation of allergies
  • Inflammation of asthma
  • Bloody noses
  • Cracked lips

We can’t do much about the weather outside or the low humidity, but we can make a difference inside the home. It’s not just the winter months either, living in the UK tends to give us many cold spells, especially further up north, which brings the dry air with it. The best way to combat the effects of low humidity in the home throughout the year, is to inject the air with some moisture using a humidifier.

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