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What are the best electric radiators?

As we exit 2018 and into 2019, the range of electric radiators is ever increasing and a question we often get asked is what is the best electric radiator for me?

The modern home has in recent years seen a revolution in household heating. Electric radiators are the long-lasting economical alternative to the traditional panel heater. Electric radiators are cheaper to install than central heating especially in areas such as extensions where it proves far more cost effective to install an electric radiator instead of extending an existing central heating pipeline to supply a new wet radiator. Electric radiators have quickly become the standard for new builds, popular in apartments, extensions and offices.

The past stigma of the ‘dry air’ they produce and time they take to heat up has been done away with through the inclusion of clever timers, more accurate inbuilt thermostats and Wifi-optimisation. Never before have you been able to control each heater in your house with such accuracy and efficiency – a service provided by the best electric radiators.

But which one should you choose? Free standing or wall mounted? Traditional or designer? Oil-filled, gel filled or dry? With so many brands and models available it can be a daunting task trying to find the best electric radiator to suit your needs.

We at Heater Shop understand the difficulty in selecting the perfect product, so we’ve brought together a range of the best electric radiators currently available. Whether your priority is sustainability, affordability or style - or a combination of the three - Heater Shop will ensure you find the one that's right for you.

First thing’s first…

If you are unsure on the size of the electric radiator you need, you can use our room calculator to provide you with a recommendation based on the size of your room. Quickly input information, including which area of the country you live in and the direction your property faces, and our room calculator will provide you with a wattage. This wattage can then be used to select the best electric radiator model for your specific room.






The Rointe D Series

Self professed as "the best radiator in the world" by Rointe, the D Series is one of the most popular and stylish in our collection. It is tricked out with the most sophisticated technology to date, featuring advanced controllability through the Rointe Connect App and TFT control panel. The Rointe D Series is easy to install and easily programmable, enabling access to all functions and consumption costs.

Rointe radiators are ideal for both small and large rooms, heating from 3m2 and up to 16m2. The Rointe DesignLine range offers many different types of finishes, blending into any environment whilst offering a touch of class. The D Series RAL colour range offers a wide range of colours to suit any home interior.

Heater Shop offers a 20-year body warranty and a 3-year electric components warranty. With its abundance of modes and energy control features, the Rointe D Series must be considered for the best electric radiator.

Rointe D Series customer reviews: 4.5/10



The Dimplex Q-RadE

For a room larger than the Rointe can provide for, the Dimplex is a great alternative with a heating area of up to 20m2. One of the most widely recognised brands, the Dimplex Q-Rad E is a high-end heater.

With its slim good looks and simple controls, the electric radiator works automatically 24/7. It’s advanced technology is responsive to changes in room temperature and its low thermal mass allows it to heat up and cool down quickly. The Q-Rad also features a child-lock, preventing the little monsters from making a meal of your premade settings.

Heater Shop offers a 10-year body warranty. Through its popularity, intelligence and ease of use, the Dimplex Q-Rad range is arguably the best electric radiator in its class.

Dimplex Q-Rad customer reviews: 5/5



The Haverland RCTTi

One of Heater Shop’s most efficient and reliable electric radiators is the Haverland RCTTi. Its main asset is its Dry Stone technology which allows the radiator to keep the room at the correct temperature more efficiently. The RCTTi is smaller than conventional heaters whilst still performing well, and features a plug-in and go installation.

For simplicity and efficiency, the Haverland RCTTi leads the way. It is one of few Dry Stone products Heater Shop offers, and comes with a 10 year warranty. The RCTTi’s ingenuity and space-saving quality places it among the best electric radiators.

Haverland RCTTi customer reviews: 4/5



The Stiebel Eltron CND

The uniquely designed Steibel Eltron CND features combined radiant and convection heating. The dual heat source is a very economical option; its properties build up a store of heat, providing comfortable heating. The unit will sense open windows and room occupants, intelligently reacting to its environment.

The Stiebel Eltron CND is perfect for rooms used less often or to give a boost in winter. This electric radiator is the most economical option for homes occupying professionals who work office hours. With its special offer and 2-year warranty from Heater Shop, the Stiebel Eltron CND must be considered in contention as one of best electric radiators.

Stiebel Eltron Customer reviews: 4.5/5


The Rointe Kyros RAD3

Changing the conservatory game, the electric radiator is a must have for those who want to use their glass extensions all year round. Conservatories cannot be heated by the central heating due to building regulations, therefore the most common and sensible option is to install an electric radiator.

The best electric radiator for this task has to be the Rointe Kyros RAD3, a product studded with 5-star reviews. The ultra-modern sleek Kyros RAD3 is a low-level standalone model able to distribute warmth evenly and quickly. Even when the temperature outside is below zero, the Rointe’s efficiency can ensure a toasty temperature every time.

Circling back to the Rointe line, the brand offers built in thermostats and reliable heating control. Their Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology offers a consumption ecoefficiency of 62%.

A Rointe Kyros RAD3 purchase from Heater Shop gains you a 20-year warranty.

Rointe Kyros customer reviews: 5/5

Shop at Heater Shop to buy the best electric radiators.

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