Dimplex Storage Heaters

One of the most popular products in regard to high performing electric storage heaters, would be the Dimplex storage heaters range. They are well suited to every type of household and offer a variety of products which perform to the highest of standards. Dimplex storage heaters absorb energy from electricity when it is supplied at a lower price (usually at night using a tariff such as Economy 7) and stores the heat for slow release over an extended period.

Our range of Dimplex storage heaters below give you all the information, along with Dimplex customer reviews, to enable you to make an informed decision as to which Dimplex storage heater is best suited for your household. If you do need further information, or would like to discuss your options, please either look at our FAQ's below, or contact us on 01473 276686.

Are Dimplex storage heaters easy to install?

Yes, they are very easy to install and need no pipe work or flues. As Dimplex night storage heaters have no moving parts or internal combustion, they are pretty much maintenance free and don’t need an annual safety check.

Can my Dimplex electric storage heater be free standing?

Unfortunately not as storage heaters are too heavy and are a safety risk to leave as free standing. The feet on the bottom are for supporting the weight of the heater and to help maneuver it when attaching it to the wall.

What are good alternatives to Dimplex night storage heaters?

Dimplex Electric Radiators and Dimplex Panel Heaters

These are good alternatives for homes that require heating only at certain times of the day. For example, a home that is empty during the day between 9am-5pm, and only requires the heating in the morning and evening during the week and more frequently at the weekend.

If you currently have Dimplex storage heaters and are looking for an alternative, or you aren’t sure whether electric radiators could be a better solution for your household, our expert team will be happy to provide you with more information and offer guidance to ensure you get the most effective and efficient heating for your household. Call us now on 01473 276686.

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Customer reviews


Trusted Customer
20 August 2019 09:38

Dimplex Quantum QM070 - Storage Heater, 700W

This heater has not yet been installed due to new kitchen fitting but I have another Quantum heater in my living room which was installed a year ago and I have been more than satisfied with it's operation over the winter months.

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I knew which heater I wanted to purchase so ordering online was very simple.
On the day of delivery I called their 'office' and spoke with a gentleman who was able to confirm the expected time of arrival.


Chris Tucker, Manchester
5 August 2019 08:47

Dimplex XLE125 1250W Slimline Storage Heater

It's summer so I have not used it yet, but it looks fine.

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Delivery took place on the day I was given but the delivery vehicle was too big for a residential street with cars parked on street. Also the storage heater arrived on a pallet, wrapped in plastic. This might be fine for delivery to a workplace or industrial premises but not for delivery to a home. Consequently, with assistance from delivery driver, I had to unpack the heater and trolley it in a number of journeys to my flat. The driver was helpful but I think you need to take account of the fact that not all deliveries are to industrial premises.

Thank you very much for your review, we appreciate your comments.
With larger items, they are always palletised for ease of transport and to mitigate any chance of damaging goods and delivered in this way.
I am sorry if you were not expecting this type of delivery, however, we do try to ensure that all customers are aware of this in all correspondence and our website is also very clear with a page on delivery for those who are unsure.

For further information on our delivery terms please see the link below.



Jonathan Spode
17 June 2019 08:04

Dimplex Quantum QM150 - Storage Heater, 1500W

Good product and easily installed.

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Efficient ordering system however, no requested call back received

Thank you very much for taking the time to review us, we appreciate your comments.
Unfortunately it would appear that you placed your order after our offices had closed and no call back request had been logged.
We are open from 8 am and can also be reached via email sales@heatershop.co.uk for any enquiries.


Ronald Oakley
29 April 2019 17:50

Dimplex Quantum QM150 - Storage Heater, 1500W

Excellent it will me and the wife warm

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I was told that I would have to wait but they kept me informed has to when they would have new stock thanks

That is really great to hear, thank you very much for leaving such fantastic feedback.


Richard Bowden
7 April 2019 18:47

Dimplex XLE150 1500W Slimline Storage Heater

Why can't they make something simple?
What I wanted was a convector economy 7 storage heater, but it seems they all have fans now and every other option as well. Some options, if used could draw on peak time power! not why you buy a storage heater. The heater also requires a separate hard wired socket to 24hr supply, to enable the above I guess.
Settings are many I found it difficult to reach the one I wanted in several instances.

An on/off knob with a 1-6 heat output choice would have been perfectly adequate.

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Best price, delivered when said.

Fantastic, thank you very much for your great 5 star review of our service.