Fan Heaters

Fan heaters work by forcing air across an element to heat the ambient air in a given space. The more air that passes across the heating element, the quicker the temperature will rise in that area.

As the heat rises the heated air naturally flows upwards. Fan Heaters can therefore be mounted very low to the ground, maximising the effect of warm air, or the effect can be offset by positioning of fan heaters at a higher mounting level blowing down into the room and throwing this air back towards ground level.

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Brian Reeve
7 November 2018 14:46

Dimplex DXSTG25 2500W Studio G Tower Ceramic Fan Heater

No problems ........ ....

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Thank you for taking the time to review us.


Trusted Customer
16 October 2018 11:41

Dimplex DXSTG25 2500W Studio G Tower Ceramic Fan Heater

Not had heater long enough to know how good it will be for my specific requirements. Temp and time controls not easiest to to set or fully understand, but that may purely down to how instructions are written. Will have to wait until colder weather comes in and heater is being used on daily basis.

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Very quick delivery, my heater arrived within 2 days.

Thank you for the feedback and we are pleased that the delivery was so efficient for you.

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