Water Heaters, Cylinders & Boilers

Heater Shop supplies the latest high-quality water heating cylinders and electric boilers. We have available vented, unvented and instantaneous water heaters for under or over the sink.

We offer the best of well-established heater brands, whatever your cylinder and boiler need we will be able to provide an option. If you would like to discuss your options further, please contact us on 01473 276686 and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you

Our water heaters are perfect for providing instant hot water as well as improving the performance of your shower or bath. Some of our heaters come with built-in WIFI available to control via smartphone, an excellent addition to any kitchen or bathroom.

Perfect for houses and flats, our electric boilers are compact and do not require water storage tanks. Our newest water cylinders are energy efficient, include defrost technology and achieve a very high energy rating. Our up-to-date selection are quieter and more proactive than older models.

Our smaller water heaters for hand wash basins are economical, keep water at a consistent temperature and are splash-proof with an IP24 rating. Electric heaters are smaller and easier to fit and install then stored water heaters. They provide hot water on demand and are suitable to supply multiple small water outlets economically with power.

Heater Shops unvented water cylinders allow for an electrically powered fast-filling bath and a shower which packs a punch. With inbuilt sensors, safety tools and visual menus, our direct-electric water cylinders are designed for ease of use in the home.

Guide to installation

All our self-install products come with an installation manual and diagram. Some of our larger products come with an installation kit including a step-by-step guide.

Vented vs unvented

Each option has its advantages; unvented cylinders generally offer more pressure, yet vented cylinders can continue working even when the mains water supply is turned off.

Choosing a cylinder size

Your choice is dependent upon a degree of factors including the size the space available to you, the strength of the mains pressure and your existing heating system. We would recommend you measure your space and calling one of our friendly operatives on 01473 276686.


  • Up to 25 year warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerful
  • Hot water on demand
  • Offers full control
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