harmoni Electric Heaters

harmoni Electric Heaters

Excellent design, exceptional functionality, extended longevity; the Harmoni brand offers the latest energy saving technology as well as unique features which sets it apart from the competition. Heater Shop offers full technical advice on Harmoni products as well as a free of charge design service.

A specialist in the field for over 31 years, the Harmoni brand understanding the needs of household and commercial properties, supplying great quality products for the right price. With a large UK based warehouse and premium supply chain, the Harmoni brand, from choice to checkout to installation, makes the process quick and simple.

Harmoni produce electric radiators, electric towel rails and useful accessories, allowing consumers to build a fully automated collection which will work together and individually to provide a brilliantly tailored heating network.

Eco-friendly, user-friendly and wallet-friendly, install the Harmoni range for an optimal complete solution to your household warming. Models are available in different sizes and powers, and can be bought as a bundle, hence catering to any sized room, no matter the location or level of insulation. Heater Shop deliver Harmoni products to UK residents free of charge where they can be very easily self-installed.


harmoni Electric Radiators

harmoni electric heaters

The Lugo range is Harmoni’s signature collection, an elegantly designed radiator with accurate ambient control over its environment. The slim aesthetic blends beautifully into modern into residential and commercial environments, providing noiseless effective heating for ultimate comfort.

Its energy saving technology including open window detection and automated timers improve the products performance and overall economy.

Great for anywhere in the house, including bathrooms and wetrooms, the radiator is splash proof and powerful enough to warm large open spaces.

harmoni Conservatory Radiators

The Harmoni Lugo conservatory radiators are a modern long term option for rooms with walls of a large glass surface area and low lying walls. The three different size models available use a thermal oil element which retains and emits heat effectively. Economical and efficient, the Lugo range reduces energy wastage and can be used throughout the year. Its onboard consumption indicator is ideal for manually assessing and limiting output, offering the user total control.

harmoni Towel Rails

Harmoni towel rails are available from Heater Shop in a range of sizes and feature a white or chrome finish. They possess functions normally found with sophisticated wall-mounted heaters, offering paralleled levels of control and engineered to the highest standards. Towel rails are often used separately to the central heating system; Harmoni’s onboard display provides access to multiple programmes and readings. The rail remains safe to touch through the inbuilt sensors and overheat detection.

harmoni Accessories

All Harmoni products can be controlled through the Electric Heater Remote Program Controller compatible with Harmoni’s Ebro and Lugo range. Experience real comfort through the easy access the remote controller offers. The controller has a memory lock, making amending your household heating quick and easy, with its 2 year warranty ensuring the controller will remain a vital component of your domestic appliances for years.

Invest in Harmoni heating systems for hassle-free a heating solution.

Product reviews

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Trusted Customer
25 January 2021 06:11

Harmoni Duero+ HDP1500 - Wifi Electric Radiator, 1500W

Great unit easy to install and WiFi works perfectl

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Great customer service in helping me choose the correct unit.
Fast delivery and unit works perfectley

Brilliant to hear, thank you very much for the really great review of our customer service and fast delivery.


Trusted Customer
30 November 2020 16:45

Harmoni Duero+ HDP1000 - Wifi Electric Radiator, 1000W

Very good quality very easy to fit on walk

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Very helpful would recommend you service brilliant

Thank you very much for the great review and recommendation of our service.


Norman Black
30 November 2020 08:42

Harmoni Duero HD1500 - Electric Radiator, 1500W

Efficient and stylish but hard to programme and display flashes when on which is irritating.

Thank you for your feedback. Please call our technical team on 01473 276686 to assist with this and hopefully we can sort out any issues.

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Heater Shop were helpful and knowledgeable when I called for advice on replacing electric radiators at my mother in law’s flat. They didn’t have my first choice in stock but with winter coming I was happy to accept their suggested alternative and they arrived within two days.


Graham Gradwick-light
13 November 2020 07:07

Harmoni Duero HD1500 - Electric Radiator, 1500W

Great value and performance

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Helpful, great price abs service and very prompt supply as we head into winter.

Fantastic to hear, thank you very much for the really fantastic review of our service.


Trusted Customer
7 March 2020 07:44

Harmoni Ebro HS075B 750W White Electric Towel Rail

Customer was happy, that is what counts

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Friendly and effecient

Thank you very much for the 5 star review of our efficient service.


Trusted Customer
3 March 2020 15:07

Harmoni Duero HD500 - Electric Radiator, 500W

Cannot set on temp below 21Deg.

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Simple to use and quick delivery.

Thank you very much for the fantastic feeedback.


Trusted Customer
1 March 2020 10:44

Harmoni Ebro HS030B 300W White Electric Towel Rail

No nonsense and easy to programme.

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Helpful, informative, fast.

Thank you very much for the really fantastic service feedback.


Trusted Customer
22 February 2020 07:45

Harmoni Duero HD1000 - Electric Radiator, 1000W

Do what they are meant to.

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Very helpful and efficient.


Trusted Customer
27 January 2020 14:53

Harmoni Ebro HS100B 1000W White Electric Towel Rail

Heats up quickly and throws out impressive warmth. Lots of programming options and a frost stat - all will be useful when the bathroom is up and running!

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Fast delivery and product arrived intact - what more could you ask?


Trusted Customer
30 December 2019 14:33

Harmoni Ebro HS050B 500W White Electric Towel Rail

Excellent. Looks good, easy to programme, keeps the bathroom really warm and seems to spend much of the time on the eco setting so the electricity bill shouldn't be too frightening

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Excellent service. Good price, arrived on time and very pleased with our heated towel rail.

Thank you for the really great feedback of our excellent service.