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Heating your Conservatory at a glance...

May 19, 2016 Katie

Heating a conservatory

If you are thinking about designing and building your perfect Conservatory you will need to consider your heating and ventilation, so that you are able to use it all year round.

Due to conservatories haemorrhaging heat through double glazed windows eight times faster than a conventional cavity wall, not only does a conservatory lose heat in the winter, but it absorbs heat through its beautiful light-thirsty glass in the summer, consequently turning it into a searing sauna.

Heating a conservatory is very different from heating any other room in your home – due to the significant heat loss and current Part L building regulations, deeming it unacceptable to connect it to a central heating system.

The main two options for fast and efficient heating through-out the winter are Electric Radiators and Electric Underfloor Heating.

Electric Radiators

If you are drawn towards electric heating - an electric conservatory radiator specifically designed for low level and dwarf walls, will heat up quickly, distributing its warmth evenly and efficiently providing the best standalone radiant heating solution. All of our electric conservatory radiators come with built in thermostats to reliably control the ambient temperature of your room.

The best low level easy to fit conservatory radiators that we have come across with fantastic reviews are the Haverland RCBL range, and the Rointe Kyros Conservatory series- both offering exceptional functions.

With design in mind, our electric radiators look fantastic, so whether you are looking for a super sleek, ultra-modern looking conservatory or a traditional classic style, our electric conservatory radiators are perfect.

Rointe Kyros Conservatory Electric Radiator


04-Mar-2016 Feefo review Product: “Looks good, has a wide range of programming options, efficient and meets our needs for the space it's required for”.

Haverland RCBL Conservatory Electric Radiator


09-Feb-2016 Feefo review Product: ”I required two heaters for my Conservatory (18 Sq M) and was worried they would not keep it warm. Wow, the difference is amazing they have turned my Conservatory in to a usable room even when the temperature is below zero Celsius”.

Underfloor Heating

Traditionally a recommendation of Electric Underfloor Heating for Conservatory heating with a high output wattage such as harmoni, is a popular choice for the optimum heating requirement offering quality and a lifetime guarantee.

Underfloor Heating works well with all types of flooring, and there is nothing quite like having a warm floor to walk on.

If you already have a conservatory and are looking to change the way you heat your conservatory to Underfloor Heating - retro-fit is an option and often works well alongside an electric heater for a quick injection of heat into the room.

Ventilation & Keeping cool

Ventilation is not only essential to keep your conservatory cool, but as per building regulations - minimum ventilation requirements for new conservatories are a legal necessary, adding to the heat loss factor of conservatories.

Ceiling fans - A good ceiling fan will ensure that your conservatory is kept cool throughout the summer, often making it the go-to room during the hottest part of the summer. A fan with a built in light will save having to duplicate any wiring, and the ceiling won't seem cluttered.

Low emissivity glass - You may not have heard of low emissivity glass – designed to minimise the volume of ultra violet and infrared light that can pass through the glass, without conceding the visible light that is transmitted.

On a hot summer's day when you do not want your conservatory to turn in to a sauna, low emissivity glass is ideal - it allows sunlight to enter, but ‘sun heat’ is reflected back out again, keeping it cool and at a temperature that is perfectly cooled with either a ceiling fan, or any other ventilation method you have chosen.

A conservatory is in effect an extension of your home and a place to enjoy all year round, not just the British Summer – if you get it right!

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