Electric Underfloor Heating

Heater Shop offer a variety of electric underfloor systems that is suitable for installation under the flooring of your home. This system can be used in one room or the whole property. Our underfloor heating gives warmth to all areas of the home but are especially used in kitchens and conservatory floors to heat the air and floor. These high quality models have been incredibly popular when being used in wet rooms, shower room, toilets and bathrooms. This is mainly because with the added heating boost, the floors dry quickly and efficiently. Lately, more and more homeowners are adding it to their homes as it is a very much sought-after function of a house and it has been know to increase the value of your home significantly.

Heater Shop are able to provide you with a range of different floor coverings. These coverings include the following:

  • Tiled
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Floors with carpet
  • Vinyl

Electric heating mats are often used when renovating properties. Previous customers have found that they are so easy to install and as they are so cost-effective, they have also found reductions in their energy bills.

Electric ufh works by heating mats, cabling, or foil. They do not affect much in terms of floor height as the thickness of the underfloor heating mats are so minimal. You can use this product with another heating system or as a standalone solution.

Our Range of Electric Underfloor Heating

We have prepared a video for you that showcases our full range. If you would like a little more info on each range then please get in touch on 01473 276686 and one of our team will be on hand to help.

Types of Electric Underfloor Heating System

Depending on which type of project you are running will determine which electric underfloor heating installation you choose. Our range includes many of the choices that you would expect such mats, foil, loose cables and in-screed cables. Depending on your project will guide you in choosing the type of heating element you choose. This usually includes several factors:

  • The size of the rooms
  • The quality of the insulation
  • Which type of floor finish the property has
  • Which materials are being used below the flooring

Electric Underfloor Heating Cost

To install electric underfloor heating running costs will vary. This is determined by many different factors such as:

  • The wattage
  • The size of room
  • The length of time the heating is used for
  • What temperature the thermostat is being kept at

Using this type of floor heating is known to be an energy efficient way of keeping your home warm. We would advise that you keep the heating running at a constant low temperature rather than turning it up high whenever you switch it on as it works out at a lower cost to you. Installation cost can vary depending on the qualified electrician you use and the amount of product there is to install. Using these models, you can avoid cold spots in your floor and don't have to use warm water heating which would mean running pipes through the house.

Electric Underfloor Heating Kits

Our underfloor heating kit are the most popular electric system for heating a home. This is mainly because they are so easy to install and are incredibly user-friendly, using a radiant heat to heat your home. We have designed this product specifically to allow for a quick and easy installation. They give a nice, even heat distribution across your floors. You are able to adjust the heating element as and when you wish depending on your requirements at that time.

Our models are available in 3 different power outputs; 100W, 150W and 200W. Each power rating is used for different types of installations. For example, the 200W model would be used in areas that required more heating as cold air can get in such as conservatories or wet rooms. Electric underfloor heating mats are perfect for living rooms and kitchens. They can be used for many different flooring types such as wooden, tiled or vinyl floors. They have quickly become a trusted, reliable, and fast option for existing and new home builders.
If you are starting an installation from scratch, you will need a full kit. All our mats are available as a kit. These save you time and money as everything you need to complete the job comes packaged together. Don’t just take our word for it, our range of mats offer great warranties & have received fantastic customer reviews.

Our harmoni SmartMat features:

  • Self-adhesive mesh
  • Ultra-thin electric underfloor heating cable
  • Twin conductor heating cable
  • Suitable for most wooden surfaces
  • 100% aluminium earth sheath
  • Cable thickness - 3 mm
  • Output - 100W/m²/ 150W/m²/ 200W/m²
  • Operating Voltage - 230/240V
  • Cold tail connection lead - 3 m
  • Installing Underfloor Heating

If you are thinking of installing underfloor heating, we would recommend that the first thing you do is get in touch with a local flooring supplier to decide which finish you are going use. When you have decided the finish, you should seek a qualified professional to install your heating. If you do require further advice on this subject, please refer to our articles section where you will find a guide to help you install your heating.

Heating Foils

Our harmoni SmartMat heating foils can be used for multiple installations such as under carpet, laminate floors and vinyl floors. The foils are an incredibly thin electric floor heating system. They are often used for warming hardwood floors or carpeted areas as they hardly add any floor height to the floor levels. They work by emitting EMF radiation in small amounts but don’t worry, it is 100% safe and complies with all electric and building regulations. Our product range spans from 1 m² to 24 m². If your room is larger than 24 m², you can simply add other sizes together to form a larger area.

Loose Lay Cables

Our loose wire systems are often used in projects that have small or irregular shaped areas. This is because these cables have so much flexibility, they are able to be installed in the tightest, most awkward of spaces and as such, work well for areas that need a precise installation. The heating cable is free flowing and can be spread in an even manner across the space to allow for even heat distribution.

In-screed Cables

Our In-screed cables provide a heating solution that is both affordable & comfortable. These products are often used in new build projects & house extensions. This is because they take a little longer to heat up as they need to sit under 50 mm of sand and cement screed. As you would imagine, this is a lot easier to achieve this when building a new home from scratch rather than trying to do it on an existing floor. Once installed, these are completely invisible and are therefore an excellent option for the types of properties. The power that they provide, gives enough underfloor heating for thick tiles and flag-stones.


Here at Heater Show, we try to ensure that we supply products you require, as well as products that work with each other. For this reason, we offer a wide range of thermostats that will compliment your underfloor heating units. Our offering includes touch screen and smart thermostats. The thermostats we have in our online shop allows the user to programme custom settings whilst doing the basic functions of raising or lowering the temperature.

Insulation Boards

Before you install your heating system, you need to ensure your floor is fully insulated. If not done correctly or with the correct product, much of the heat you generate will be lost needlessly. We stock a variety of insulation boards for tiled floors that provide resistance to moisture as well as adding extra thermal insulation. We have selected this range of products to ensure that they help to reduce the moisture content in your flooring. We also stock a range of tile adhesive and self levelling compound.

If you need any help with your product selection or would like any advice on any other area of electric heating, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01473 559079.