Dimplex Monterey MFPE Electric Panel Heaters

Lot 20
Dimplex Monterey MFPE Electric Panel Heaters
Dimplex Monterey MFPE Electric Panel Heaters
Dimplex Monterey MFPE Electric Panel Heaters
ModelDimensionsRooms Up ToWattagePriceStockQty
Dimplex Monterey MFP50E - Electric Panel HeaterMFP050E
QF #: 14010
503 x 536 x 104 mm
5 m²
500 W
£146.38 exc VAT
Dimensions503 x 536 x 104 mm
Rooms Up To5 m²
Wattage500 W
Dimplex Monterey MFP75E - Electric Panel HeaterMFP075E
QF #: 14011
503 x 536 x 104 mm
7 m²
750 W
£153.27 exc VAT
Dimensions503 x 536 x 104 mm
Rooms Up To7 m²
Wattage750 W
Dimplex Monterey MFP100E - Electric Panel HeaterMFP100E
QF #: 14012
671 x 536 x 104 mm
10 m²
1000 W
£164.72 exc VAT
Dimensions671 x 536 x 104 mm
Rooms Up To10 m²
Wattage1000 W
Dimplex Monterey MFP150E - Electric Panel HeaterMFP150E
QF #: 14013
741 x 536 x 104 mm
15 m²
1500 W
£177.72 exc VAT
Dimensions741 x 536 x 104 mm
Rooms Up To15 m²
Wattage1500 W
Dimplex Monterey MFP200E - Electric Panel HeaterMFP200E
QF #: 14014
911 x 536 x 104 mm
20 m²
2000 W
£210.00 exc VAT
Dimensions911 x 536 x 104 mm
Rooms Up To20 m²
Wattage2000 W
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Key Features of the Dimplex Monterey MFPE

Two year warrantyUpward facing grille
Tough steel frame with classic white finishSeven day timer profiles
Electronic thermostat accurate to within 0.2°CAdaptive start
Open window detectionEasy-to-learn interface


The Dimplex Monterey MFPE range of panel heaters are a well-designed, multipurpose heater collection, effective and efficient in any environment. The characteristic upward grille style provides a circulation of heat, whereas the steel body with classic white finish allows the heater to discreetly blend into the background. Information from Dimplex’s inbuilt electric thermostat is displayed on its backlit LCD screen, providing readings accurate to a fraction of a degree.

The Dimplex Monterey MFPE is capable of heating commercially and around the home, its splash-proof design and IP24 rating ensures the heater is optimal in any space. Able to update its software via Bluetooth, with its robust frame, extended backup battery life and completely flexible heating, the MFPE is a great long-term option.

The MFPE is also very user-friendly; it includes a user manual and easy-fit wall bracket, as well as inbuilt responsive audio feedback; the heater can be set up quickly, hassle-free.


Dimplex Monterey MFPE heaters utilise adaptive start technology. Adaptive start technology improves the economical and environmental effectiveness of a heater, pre-heating and constantly monitoring room temperature.

The MFPE also applies open window detection technology, understanding the needs of the room, postponing heating whenever necessary. Using current energy-saving technologies, output from a Dimplex heater is never wasted, ultimately saving money.


Disaster-proof, the Dimplex Monterey MFPE range employs thermal cut-out and overheat prevention. Safe and reliable, the heater will auto reset, and keep the operation going.

The heater is quiet, easy to clean and complies with Lot 20 of the ERP Directive. The Monterey provides excellent safety, longevity and versatility and can be made at home in any environment.


ModelRating (W)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Heats up to

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