Infrared Heaters

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your heating energy bills by investing in the latest heating technology, then far infrared heaters are the ideal choice. We stock an extensive range of modern and stylish infrared heaters. Because infrared heating is one of the most energy efficient heating options on the market today, you could make huge savings on your heating bill when compared to more traditional forms of electric heating.

Herschel far infrared heating is 100% natural for our bodies and our well-being. The human body is designed to accept and emit infrared waves.

Far Infrared heating works on the basis of gentle, long-wave infrared which penetrates the air and heats solids. If you like the warmth of the sun then you will love the feeling you get from your new infrared heating system. Unlike the sun, infrared heaters only emit safe infrared heat and not the harmful UV rays. So, you get the feeling of the sun without the risk of damaging your skin.

Frequently asked questions

Herschel Inspire panel heaters are made from a stainless steel filament woven into an insulating material. Herschel Select Panels are made from Carbon Fibre elements. Whilst they have different construction methods, they both do the same thing which is to convert electricity to emit radiant heat called “far infrared”. Surface temperatures of the Inspire and Select Panels average 100 degrees centigrade and are designed to gently warm people and buildings.

Herschel Advantage and Aspect range utilise ceramic plate emitters containing nickel wire cores.

Herschel Far Infrared emitters emit in the spectral range of 3 – 10 microns with no light at all.

The Herschel Advantage and Aspect Space heaters have surface temperatures of around 400 degrees centigrade and have a higher throw and spread to heat larger areas.

The majority of the heat produced from all of our panels is “radiant”, meaning the energy is used to directly heat objects and not the air.

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Peter George
14 January 2022 09:42

Herschel California M-CALIFORNIA-2000R-B - Black

not quite as much heat as i was expecting

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swift and efficient delivery and competitive price.

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 5-Star review.


Malcolm Awty, Shropshire
17 April 2021 07:48

Herschel Miami Patio Heater - Black 2000W

Works well ..............

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I was very impressed by The Heater Shop and this is a rare review as I usually never declare my opinion online. The ordering via the net was simple and the follow up telephone contact was equally excellent, informative and helpful.
My experience was flawless.

Thanks for your kind words about our products and services. We’re very grateful for customers like you and hope you stick with us for years to come.


John Gorman
5 December 2016 09:11

Herschel Advantage IR3-1950B 1.95kW Black (without Grill)

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Very helpful told them what i was looking for got the right heaters for the job.

Thank you for your review, we appreciate all of your great comments regarding our service.