At Heater Shop we have a range of central heating radiators. The quality of our products are excellent and they perform with a high output. We are pleased to be able to offer a wide variety of designs to match any interior at home or office building.

Choosing the best size for your home

All our products have the room size recommendation with the model in m2. At Heater Shop we have a room calculator which can be used to understand the power of the model your property needs. The details you need include room dimensions, whether the property is insulated or not, and which direction your room faces.

Radiator styles available

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Single
  • Double
  • Reflective with a mirror inbuilt
  • White, Anthracite, Black, Chrome finishes

Single and double sided radiators

We supply both single and double panelled models. Single units warm up and cool down quickly. The double-sided units have a higher output and is able to maintain the heat level of the room more effectively and for a longer period of time.

Varied designs

We supply a large collection of radiators. They are modern and stylish and many of the models are bold and can be used as a standout feature. Other smaller models are good at blending into the background, with a quiet noise level while running.

How a central heating radiator works

A central heating system provides a full heat solution to the whole building. The radiator takes hot water from the property’s central boiler which then heats the metal body. This heat is then transferred to the space in the room, the hot air rises, and the room is warmed. Many radiators feature modern technology to improve their output, performance and efficiency.

Most radiators can be manually controlled by valves which usually sit on the side at the bottom. The vales are available in versions which match the model you have purchased.

Materials that make a radiator

We have aluminium, mild steel and stainless-steel models available.

  • Aluminium is light weight and as a super conductor it heats up and transfers heat quickly. These qualities mean the aluminium models are considered more efficient.
  • The steel models are very robust with stainless steel resistant to corrosion.
  • Mild steel retains heat longer than other types of metal; this means the owner can keep their home warmer for longer.

Installing your radiators

Central heating radiators require the correct placement for the best effect. Larger models can be mounted to strong solid walls by using the correct fixings. Plasterboard is only suitable for smaller models. They should not be installed behind furniture as this prevents the heat from travelling around the room.

All our radiators have a simple installation process. The products come with instructions, fittings and brackets.

Choose from our selection of valves.


The first step is to check piping and valves for any problems or obstructions. This could cause an overflow, bursting or damage to the product. Hot water radiators need to bleed, letting air out of the model which appears as hot water expands. The vents and fins in the radiator need to be cleaned regularly to ensure the best performance.

Draining the radiator will require a drain cock. You should ensure that your boiler has been switched off before draining the unit. A hosepipe and a wrench will be useful for the valve and excess water. When refilling the system, make sure all the drain cocks are closed. As water flows, air will become trapped which will need to be released.