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Column Radiators

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At Heater Shop we offer a variety of colum radiators to suit all homes and commercial spaces. From traditional, to designer, you'll find what you're looking for at a great price and free delivery.

Column radiators offer a timeless blend of functionality and aesthetics, embodying both classic charm and modern efficiency. These radiators, characterised by their vertical columns, have long been favored for their ability to efficiently distribute heat while adding a touch of elegance to any space. With their sturdy construction and diverse design options, they serve as more than just heating fixtures; they are statement pieces that enhance the ambiance of both traditional and contemporary interiors. In this article, we'll explore the features, benefits, and considerations of incorporating them into your home or commercial setting, delving into their versatility and practicality beyond mere heating solutions.

Our Range

Our range of column radiators encompasses a diverse array of styles and designs, catering to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. From the timeless appeal of traditional models that evoke the warmth of bygone eras to sleek and minimalist modern iterations that seamlessly integrate with contemporary interiors, we offer models that suit every aesthetic inclination. Additionally, our collection features designer options that elevate functionality to an art form, showcasing innovative shapes, finishes, and materials that transform these heating fixtures into focal points of interior design. Whether you seek to evoke nostalgia, embrace minimalism, or make a bold design statement, our range provides the perfect solution to complement and enhance any space.

Column Radiators

Best Value for Money

Introducing the Harmoni Classic 2, a timeless piece that seamlessly blends into both modern and traditional interiors. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this radiator boasts a pristine white coated finish that exudes sophistication. Constructed from premium-grade steel, it ensures unrivaled durability and superior performance, promising years of reliable service.

Elevate any living space with its understated elegance, effortlessly becoming the focal point of the room. With its rapid heat output, this radiator quickly transforms any chilly environment into a warm haven, welcoming you with warmth and comfort.

This range offers a spectrum of colour options, allowing you to tailor your radiator to suit your individual style and preferences, making it a stunning addition to any room.

Choose from a diverse range of sizes to perfectly complement your space. The high-quality white coat finish not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also adds an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

Engineered with 1.5mm thick steel, this is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring exceptional quality that surpasses expectations. It comes complete with all the necessary fixtures for easy installation, including wall fixings, wall plugs, blanking, and bleed plug, streamlining the setup process for your convenience.

Rest assured, the Harmoni Classic 2 has been rigorously tested and certified to meet BS EN 442 standards, guaranteeing peace of mind and confidence in its performance and safety. Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and value that promises to enhance your living space without compromising on quality or affordability.

Best for Style

Introducing the exquisite Harmoni Classic 4, a fusion of sophistication and functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it boasts a captivating classic design, complemented by its sleek graphex coated finish. Whether adorning a modern loft or a cottage, it effortlessly enhances the ambiance of any space it graces.

Constructed from premium-grade steel, it radiates durability and reliability, promising years of exceptional performance. Its sturdy build not only ensures longevity but also exudes a sense of refinement, adding a touch of class to every installation.

With its seamless blend of form and function, it epitomises elegance, transforming any room into an area of warmth and comfort. Emitting a generous hourly heat output, it swiftly envelops your surroundings in a cosy embrace, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Harmoni range offers a spectrum of captivating colour options, allowing you to tailor your radiator to suit your aesthetic preferences effortlessly.

Available in an array of sizes to accommodate various spaces, each radiator in this range is meticulously coated with high-quality graphex for a flawless finish. Crafted with 1.5mm thick steel, these radiators adhere to the highest standards of quality, promising unmatched performance and longevity.

Complete with all necessary fixtures including wall fixings, plugs, and bleed plug, installation is a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Rest assured, each radiator is rigorously tested and certified to meet BS EN 442 standards, guaranteeing peace of mind and uncompromising quality.

Indulge in luxury and elevate your interior with the Harmoni Classic 4, where style meets substance in perfect harmony

Column Radiator

Why use us?

The satisfaction of our clients is always our top priority here at Heater Shop. Every single one of the products that we keep in stock was selected after carefully considering the requirements of our clients. All of the products undergo quality inspections to make certain that the set criteria are being met. Each product comes with a warranty that is at least one year long, but the majority of our products carry warranties that are five, ten, twenty, or even 25 years long. We have a huge selection of products available for you to choose from, and they come in all different shapes, sizes, materials, styles, and colours. We will ship your order the following business day for free, regardless of how much or how little you spend, and we also have a 14-day return policy with no questions asked. Should you change your mind, all you have to do is send the item back to us unused and in its original packaging to receive a full refund. In addition, we offer a price match guarantee, which means that if you find one of our products sold elsewhere at a lower price, we will honour that lower price and match it.

Call one of the team on 01480 220311 if you have any questions regarding our radiators or if you would like to inquire about the stock that we have available. We will have someone available to assist you with your inquiry at that time.


The amount of time it takes to deliver our goods can change depending on which product range you order from us. During the checkout process, the estimated delivery time for each range and individual product is displayed. We offer free delivery as standard and can ship to the majority of locations in the UK. To discuss delivery details, call us on 01480 220311. A nationwide installation service is also available as an additional service option. This is a completely optional service, and if you choose to make use of it, our fully trained installers will install the furniture in the locations that you choose as well as dispose of any packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. If you do not make use of this service, however, our installers will not install the furniture in the locations that you choose.

If you’d like to find out more about our products or would like to enquire about stock, you can call one of the team on 01480 220311 who will be on hand to help with your query.

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Frequently asked questions

Modern column radiators are generally designed with efficiency in mind. They often incorporate features such as improved heat conduction, optimised surface area for heat exchange, and advanced materials to enhance their performance. Compared to traditional column radiators, modern designs may offer better heat distribution, quicker heating and cooling times, and increased energy efficiency.

Many newer designs are made from materials like aluminum or steel, which are lightweight and have excellent heat transfer properties. Additionally, some modern designs incorporate elements like fins or convectors to further enhance heat distribution and efficiency.

However, the efficiency can still depend on factors such as proper sizing, installation, and maintenance. Ensuring that the radiator is correctly installed, free from air pockets, and connected to an efficient heating system will contribute to its overall effectiveness.

In summary, they are often efficient heating solutions, offering improved performance compared to traditional designs due to advancements in technology and materials.

Traditional column radiators can be efficient in terms of providing heat, but their efficiency may not match that of more modern radiator designs.

Efficiency in radiators typically refers to how effectively they transfer heat from the hot water circulating through them to the surrounding air. Traditional models can be quite effective in this regard, as they often have a large surface area and are made from materials such as cast iron or steel, which are good conductors of heat.

However, compared to newer designs with features such as fins or convectors, traditional radiators may not distribute heat as evenly or efficiently throughout a room. Additionally, they may take longer to heat up and cool down due to their mass, which could affect overall energy usage and comfort levels.

Overall, while traditional models can still be effective heating solutions, it's worth considering newer designs if energy efficiency is a priority.

Yes, vertical column radiators can be efficient. Their efficiency depends on various factors such as the quality of the radiator itself, the insulation of the building, the type of heating system used, and how well the radiator is installed and maintained.

Column radiators can offer efficient heat distribution and can be particularly useful in rooms where space is limited, as they utilise vertical wall space rather than horizontal floor space. Additionally, they can provide a contemporary and stylish look to a room while still effectively heating the space. However, like any heating system, their efficiency can vary based on the specific circumstances of their installation and use.