Elnur Gabarron SSH Smart Storage Heaters

Lot 20
Elnur Gabarron SSH Smart Storage Heaters
Elnur Gabarron SSH Smart Storage Heaters
ModelHeats Up ToInputOutputDimensionsPriceQty
Elnur Ecombi SSH158 Smart Storage HeaterECOSSH158
QF #: 13733
4-5 m²975 W450 W550 x 730 x 180 mm
£285.00 exc VAT
Heats Up To4-5 m²
Input975 W
Output450 W
Dimensions550 x 730 x 180 mm
Elnur Ecombi SSH208 Smart Storage HeaterECOSSH208
QF #: 13734
6 m²1300 W600 W660 x 730 x 180 mm
£319.17 exc VAT
Heats Up To6 m²
Input1300 W
Output600 W
Dimensions660 x 730 x 180 mm
Elnur Ecombi SSH308 Smart Storage HeaterECOSSH308
QF #: 13735
9 m²1950 W900 W890 x 730 x 180 mm
£370.83 exc VAT
Heats Up To9 m²
Input1950 W
Output900 W
Dimensions890 x 730 x 180 mm
Elnur Ecombi SSH408 Smart Storage HeaterECOSSH408
QF #: 13736
12 m²2600 W1200 W1200 x 730 x 180 mm
£449.50 exc VAT
Heats Up To12 m²
Input2600 W
Output1200 W
Dimensions1200 x 730 x 180 mm
Elnur G-Control Gateway Hub for APP connectionG-Control Hub
QF #: 13134
£97.75 exc VAT
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Key features of the Elnur Gabarron SSH

5 year warrantyEcoDesign, Lot 20 complaint
Wirelessly controllable with internet connectionClass I insulation
LCD display with advanced control optionsOpen window detection for reduced energy wastage
Adaptive Start controlTemperature sensor with calibration option
Three pre-set modes: Comfort, Economy, Frost-protectionWeekly and daily programming
Safety thermostat with manual resetEasy installation
Intuitive LCD display with advance control optionsCompatible with two period off peak electric tariff in a single 24 hr interval


This steel structure SSH (smart storage heater) implements both traditional electric convection heating and stored heating where depository blocks are charged at night because of the lower electricity tariffs. The upper-facing grille circulates the heat providing effective warmth throughout the room. Ecombi heaters are able to warm large spaces, and the Gabarron’s additional technological functions enhance its performance and efficiency.

The LCD display is located on the top of the heater, providing access to all the heater’s functions and programmable settings. Digitised, the heater’s controls are simple to use and also optionally accessible from a remote device by linking the heater to the home router.

Easy to install, it's wall mounted and requires a permanent mains connection. We provide all the fittings and two feet, as well as an installation template for correct positioning. The fittings are robust thermoplastic, more safe and secure than standard fittings and less prone to deterioration.


The Elnur Gabarron SSH employs a range of the latest energy saving technology. Open window detection is a constantly active programme which sense drops in the room temperature and limits the Gabarron’s automated response of increasing output. Instead of wasting energy, it intuitively knows when to reactivate and attempt to establish the desired temperature, gradually increasing its output. This is much more cost-effective and energy efficient than the basic on/off feature.

Adaptive Start anticipates the output needed for the temperature to be correct on time. The advanced technology helps the heater learn the needs of the room, automatically personalising your system to deliver the most effective and efficient solution.

The Elnur Gabarron Smart Storage Heater charges the store overnight using low cost off-peak electricity. The heater is accurate to ±0.1C; its built-in balancing heating element heating rooms faster. Elnur’s IEM technology manages the charge and discharge intelligently, ensuring constant and affordable heating all day long.


The Gabarron makes use of seven day timers, customisable throughout the week to adhere to your needs. Ideal for those who have busy work schedules, the SSH also features an override function, allowing it to provide heat from the mains energy on demand.

The heater’s optional G-Control Hub can control all your Elnur products, giving you access from just one device through the Elnur App. Usable with smartphones, laptops and tablets, the WIFI link up is the futuristic method of controlling your heating solution, reducing energy wastage manually by pausing the heater’s output from anywhere in the world.

Overheat protection activates a safety cut-out mechanism if the heater detects danger for the elements or surroundings. The Gabarron features three preset modes which improve safety and multifunctionality – they include frost-protection, economy and comfort.

Browse our specific models for the correct size and power to suit your home or commercial property.


ModelOutput Rating (W)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Heats up to

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Customer reviews


Richard Stone
14 February 2020 11:52

Elnur G-Control Gateway Hub for APP connection

see previous post

View product

Elnur Ecombi SSH208 Smart Storage Heater

see previous post, I don't need to repeat myself!

View product

Elnur Ecombi SSH308 Smart Storage Heater

The heaters are well made but they are still just a night storage heater with a programmable controller. One controller was not working but Elnur have a decent repair system in place using local (120 miles away in Cornwall!) electricians to sort the problem and the repair was carried out efficiently and in good time. A bit pricey but I'd recommend these heaters if you need night storage. The remote controller is useful too, especially with a confused relative who needs looking after from a distance - saves having to travel to make adjustments. Simple to set up but still learning how to make best use of them.

View product

Very quick and efficient, heaters despatched straight away.


Trusted Customer
12 February 2020 19:04

Elnur G-Control Gateway Hub for APP connection

Remote hub a bit pricey but easy to set up and makes remote control very convenient.

View product

Quick despatch.


Trusted Customer
8 February 2020 10:22

Elnur Ecombi SSH158 Smart Storage Heater

stylish, easy to use and throws out the heat

View product

Great service, fast delivery and the heaters look very stylish


Mike Bland
18 December 2019 19:23

Elnur Ecombi SSH158 Smart Storage Heater

Looks good so far

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Web site, ordering and delivery all excellent

Thank you for the really great review of our service, it is very much appreciated.


Trusted Customer
17 December 2019 11:26

Elnur Ecombi SSH208 Smart Storage Heater

After a few technical issues the heater is very efficient keeping a very cold bathroom nice and warm all day.

View product

Great service. Next day delivery. When my electrician rang for technical advice he was pleased with the help he received.

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave fantastic feedback.