Electric Heaters

At Heater Shop we specialise in supplying high efficiency electric heaters. We offer free next day delivery to most parts of the UK for all of our electric heaters including top brands such as Rointe, Elnur, Haverland and Dimplex. Our price match policy means we wont be beaten on price so call us now on 01473 276686.

Our electric heaters are available in a variety of sizes and heat outputs. Whether you are looking for an electric heater for your conservatory, bathroom or living room, we're sure to have one to suit your requirements.

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Are electric heaters expensive to use?

As with other types of heating, they can be expensive if not used properly. The great thing about modern electric heaters is that they have timers and thermostats, as well as the newer smart versions, which allows you to control your heating so that you only use it when you need it. For this reason, even though electric currently costs more than gas, electric heating can be just as cost effective, if not better than other heating methods.

What size electric heater do I need?

This mainly depends on the size of your room as that will dictate how much power is needed from a heater to keep the room warm. There are a few other factors to consider when working out what size heater you need such as the insulation in your home, whether you have north facing walls and which part of the country you live in. However, to make this easy, you can use our room calculator. Alternatively, all of our products shows a "heats up to" figure which shows which size room that particular product will heat up to. If you are still unsure, call us on 01473 276686 and we'll be happy to help you.

What's the difference between electric heaters and electric radiators?

The main difference between electric heaters and electric radiators is that electric radiators heat through radiation, very similar to how an open fire would heat your home whereas electric heaters produce heat through convection methods which usually entails using hot elements to create and send hot air around the room.

Customer reviews


Dawn Johnson
17 February 2019 10:39

Elnur RF6E-PLUS - Inertia Electric Radiator, 750W

Ordered 5 for a salon then ordered another 2. Easy to use good heat programme different times each day which was brilliant

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Elnur RF4E-PLUS - Inertia Electric Radiator, 500W

Ordered one for a toilet as had 6 of these in salon area but 750w very good heater

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Quick delivery

Thank you very much for taking the time to review our great delivery service.


Neil Sarginson
17 February 2019 09:58

Dimplex Q-Rad QRAD150 - Electric Radiator, 1500W

Looks good on the wall and kicks out heat well. Timer is not complicated to use like some reviews have said. However it is a bit faffy to change one setting, if like me you're using the 24 hour timer. It's great that it's got loads of timer options though. My electrician installed it but didn't mention any problems with doing it.

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Simple buying experience. Good website. Next day Delivery was free and made when expected within an hour's window of time. Well packaged.


Trusted Customer
17 February 2019 09:09

Dimplex PLX150E - Panel Heater

This is the second heater we have purchased. Easy to use and not bad to look at.

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Excellent service, excellent product.


Trusted Customer
17 February 2019 08:33

Dimplex PLX075E - Panel Heater

Needed for a large outbuilding excellent heating product

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Rated excellent because fast and easy to use quickly found the product I needed and would recommend to friends and family

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