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Electric Heaters

At Heater Shop we stock a large range of electric heaters for you to choose from. With a huge selection to choose from at excellent prices, you're sure to find the perfect model.

Electric heaters come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of power options but all of them have one thing in common which is that they all have a specific heating purpose. Whereas electric radiators are used for heating homes and offices, different types of heaters have different jobs to perform.

With so many products on offer and each of them offering different functionalities, here is a quick guide to our space heaters and what they do.

electric heaters

Portable Heaters

Used the world over, these models are ideal for providing a temporary heat source. Being portable, they can be used practically anywhere, and you’ll often find them being used in portacabins on building sites or as an extra heat source in rooms that either take a long time to warm up or those that need an extra boost of heat. Whilst they are portable, many offer wall mounting options if required.

Fan Heaters

These models have an electrical element inside that heats up and when the fan blows air past it, the air heats up. Usually quite small, these models are excellent for personal use such as on or under a desk. You’ll often find these being used in workshops, offices, garages, and anywhere else where people need to be kept warm but there is no realistic way to heat the whole area. Other types such as plinth heaters and air curtains, which are discussed below in more detail, also make use of fan technology.

electrical heaters
electric heater

Hand Dryers

As you’ve probably guessed these are the kind you would find in bathrooms in offices, shopping centres, restaurants, and other such places that offer public bathrooms. Hygienic, easy to clean, and easy to maintain, they are the ideal choice for hand drying. With automatic models, infrared sensors, and high IP ratings, these are the safe and sensible option.

Downflow Heaters

Whilst similar in looks to hand dryers, they are in fact heaters that push air downwards. Often used in shops above doorways or in bathrooms, they are ideal in areas where you want heat directed from above. Whilst not the largest range available, they are incredibly useful and well regarded when in use.

electrical heater

Tubular Heaters

Mainly used for frost protection, protection from damp and mildew, and background heat, you’ll often find these in greenhouses, around large windows, in utility rooms, and outbuildings. Available in a range of lengths from 1ft to 6ft, they are simple to install, usually just plug and play.

Patio Heaters

When used at home, they are often found in the garden and offer a heat source for those late autumn and spring evenings when it’s nearly warm enough to sit outside. In commercial areas, you’ll find them used in pug gardens and outdoor restaurant areas. Providing infrared heat, they heat the people and objects that are directly in front of the heat source rather than trying to heat the air.

electric heaters

Outdoor Heaters

Whether being used at home or in a commercial setting, these have been developed for use outside. Making use of infrared and quartz technologies, these models offer direct heat and are available in a both wall mounted and freestanding varieties.

Garden Heaters

Being able to use your garden for longer throughout the year is what makes these models so attractive. Used in tandem with your seating areas, they offer a direct heat source to whoever is sitting in front of them. With wall mounted options that are permanently fixed to the wall or freestanding models that can be moved and repositioned as and when required.

electrical heaters
electric heaters

Convector Heaters

Convection heaters warm the air around the element and as the air heats up, it rises meaning cooler air can then be heated. This causes a constant circulation as hot air keeps rising and cold air keeps being forced down to heat up. These models are quick to start working and you’ll find that they warm a space quite quickly. Often found as portable models, they can also be wall mounted when they are staying in a fixed location such as a garage or workshop.

Industrial Heating

Heating for industrial buildings can have a wide variety of requirements such as heating the whole building or heating individuals. Our products in this section focus on the individual or areas of the building that need to keep warmer. For example, personal heating options include workspace heaters as well as portable models whereas tubular heaters are perfect for keeping damp out of certain areas.

electrical heaters
electric heaters

Halogen & Quartz Heaters

Halogen and Quartz is a type of heating technology that is most often used in models that are used outdoors or that are portable. This is because that offer direct heating which means that it does not heat the space around you such as other models, rather is heats whatever is placed directly in front of them. This is what makes then ideal for use in outdoor restaurant or in cold workshops.

Air Curtains & Overdoor Heaters

Making use of fan technology, these will most often be found above doors in retail areas and office buildings. Whilst they do heat up space, they are often used as an additional source of heating which is one that is warmly welcomed by customers coming in form the cold.

electrical heaters
electric heaters

Space Heaters

Often used in large warehouses and industrial areas, these models are used for heating large areas of space. Using powerful fans and high heat settings, they blast air through an area in order to warm it up faster than the cold air can get in.

Greenhouse Heaters

Perfect for maintaining correct temperatures, these models will keep your greenhouse at the optimum temperatures for your growing requirements. With built in thermostats to ensure temperatures are kept, it certainly beats relying on the Great British weather.

electrical heaters
electric heaters

Plinth Heaters

Another model which makes use of fan technology, it’s quite possible you have seen these many times without realising what they were. You’ll most often find these in kitchens, underneath the cupboards. Providing an extra heat source, they provide heat across the floor ensuring that your feet stay warm whilst in the kitchen area.

Hopefully this will help you to decide which is the ideal appliance for the job but if you do need any further help, then please call us on 01473 276686 and we’ll do our best to help solve any problems you may have. We offer free next day delivery as standard across all our products throughout the mainland UK.

Frequently asked questions

When considering an electric space heater, it's essential to focus on factors like heating capacity, energy efficiency, safety features, and budget. Here are some general types of heaters to consider:

  • Fan Heaters: These are known for their versatility, often offering both heating and cooling functions. They're suitable for smaller spaces and offer quick heat distribution.
  • Ceramic Heaters: These are efficient and come in various shapes and sizes, including tower and desktop models. They provide consistent warmth and may have oscillation features for better coverage.
  • Oil-Filled Radiator Heaters: These use oil as a heat reservoir, providing steady and silent warmth. They're ideal for larger rooms and offer long-lasting heat retention even after being turned off.
  • Compact Heaters: Compact models are perfect for small spaces or targeted heating needs. They're often portable and offer customizable settings for personalised comfort.

When choosing a heater, consider the size of the room, desired features like thermostat control or remote operation, and safety features such as tip-over switches and overheat protection. Researching user reviews and comparing specifications can help you find the right heater for your specific requirements.

When it comes to energy efficiency, there are a few types of space heaters worth considering. Ceramic heaters, for example, are known for their efficiency as they can quickly heat up a room without consuming excessive energy. Another option is infrared heaters, which emit infrared radiation to warm objects and people directly, rather than heating the air, thus potentially saving energy. Additionally, oil-filled radiators can be efficient because they continue to emit heat even after being turned off, thanks to the residual heat from the oil. Ultimately, the most energy-efficient option depends on factors like room size, insulation, and personal preferences.