Electric Radiators

Heater Shop offers a wide range of energy efficient electric radiators from well-known brands to heat your home. Our range of products include Rointe, Dimplex and Haverland. Our models will suit households with all types of rooms and budgets.

Our heating solutions range from dry ceramic and aluminium core electric heaters to gel or oil filled. Many of the products offer features such as timers and thermostats. If you need help choosing a size then use our heating calculator or call us on 01473 276686 and one of our technical team will be happy to help you.

Electric radiators are an excellent solution for heating. Whether your electricity is generated using fossil fuels or sustainable resources, they work just as well. Our range provides an economical and effective electric heating system. They offer quality, reliability, and easy installations with realistic running costs. Available as free standing or wall mounted, traditional to electric designer models, our range of luxury low cost stylish electric heaters offer an unrivaled level of quality and comfort for your home heating.

Are they expensive to operate?

Electric currently costs more than gas. However, as you can control electric more precisely with the use of thermostats and timers, in the long run, electric can work out to be the cheaper option over gas central heating. Evolving technology such as smart heating will make this type of heating even more efficient to run as the technology will start to understand your house needs and react instantly to ensure even less heat wastage to give you peace of mind.

What size should I choose?

All our products show you what size room it heats up to in m2. If you are still unsure, you can you our room calculator which will provide you with all the details you need based on the size of your room, which area of the country you live in and which direction your property faces.

Simply enter a few details based on the above and the calculator will provide you with a wattage enabling you to choose your items based on the wattage needed for a room.

How do I install my radiator?

All our radiators are suitable for DIY installation as they come fitted with a 13amp plug along with fixtures and fittings. We also provide a fitting template which will show you exactly where to drill holes and place the screws. If you’d prefer a more professional installation, a qualified electrician will be able to do so quickly and easily.

Should I choose oil-filled, gel-filled or dry?

This depends on the size, purpose and usage of the room in which it is being installed in.

A dry radiator will heat up quickly and efficiently, ensuring no heat energy is wasted when you do not need it. An oil-filled radiator will take a bit longer to heat your room but will heat your room for longer.

Oil-filled is seen to be safer than dry, as air flow to dry radiators can be affected by dust - therefore they can overheat and can be hot to the touch for children and animals. Low surface temperature dry electric radiators are available and although not widely available, they’re a great option for those who prefer the dry over oil filled.

A gel-filled radiator is quite like an oil filled radiator although it uses a thermodynamic gel rather than oil for greater efficiency.


  • Ability to control each heater in your house separately
  • Highly accurate thermostats
  • 100% efficient meaning all electricity used is turned into heat
  • No heat loss from plumbing such as pipes and boilers
  • No maintenance is required
  • Low cost installation

If you aren’t sure which product would be suitable for your household or commercial property, our expert team will be happy to provide you with more information and offer guidance to ensure you get the most effective and efficient heating for your needs. Call us now on 01473 276686.

Product reviews

4.897% Positive (669 reviews)

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Trusted Customer
17 March 2020 06:14

Electrorad AF14 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000W

Well made piece of equipment

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Excellent prompt and efficient

Brilliant, thank you for the great review.


Trusted Customer
16 March 2020 02:52

Haverland RC6TT - Electric Radiator, 750W

Value for money. Highly recommended.

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Competitive prices. Quick delivery, very well packed. Highly recommended.

Thank you very much for taking the time to review our service.


Trusted Customer
14 March 2020 20:28

Rointe DIW0330RAD - D Series - Electric Radiator, White, 330W, 3 Elements

Very good product

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Rointe DIW1210RAD - D Series - Electric Radiator, White, 1210W, 11 Elements

Very good product

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You should allow a trade discount for people in the construction trade.

Thank you for your comments. We do offer a discount for our trade customers. On our website, simply click 'More' then click on 'Trade Application' for details.
Alternatively please call us on 01473 276686.


Michael Macmorland
9 March 2020 09:18

Harmoni Lugo HS0440 - Electric Radiator, 440W

Not as good as others on the market for the same price

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Harmoni Lugo HS1540 - Electric Radiator, 1540W

Not as good as others on the market at the same price

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Customer communication was absolutely dreadful. Package to arrive on Friday,called the main office they said we will call you back in half an hour. Three hours later still nothing. Called them five times to be told at five to five the delivery was now going to be Monday. We will call you on Monday morning. No phone call !! Called them again twice to be told it would arrive late afternoon. Arrived late morning

Thank you for your feedback.I can only apologise for the late delivery of your radiators.
We did try and contact you to let you know, leaving both voicemails and by sending you emails to inform you. On the occasions that there are difficulties with a delivery, we will always do our best to let our customers know and communicate expected delivery wherever we can.


Trusted Customer
8 March 2020 21:24

Dimplex Q-Rad QRAD075E - Electric Radiator, 750W

Looks very smart on the wall

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Dimplex Q-Rad QRAD200E - Electric Radiator, 2000W

Nice heaters. They maintain a steady room temperature. The control panel on the top is easy to access.

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Excellent service. Heaters arrived very quickly and were well packed

Thank you for the really great review of our service and our fantastic packaging.


Julie Soper
8 March 2020 06:25

Electrorad AF03 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 1300W

Fantastic heater. Heats room quickly and is easy to use. Will be buying a few more .

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Quick service and delivery plenty of info on products. Will be ordering more from them.

Brilliant to hear, thank you very much for the great review and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.


Christine Petts, Kettering
4 March 2020 18:05

Electrorad AF14 Aeroflow - Electric Radiator, 2000W

Love the heater...still trying to sort out timer though...looks good , heats our large conservatory well ,plug in and switch on ,great stuff

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Easy to deal with by phone....seem very knowledgable.....offered a discount too
Quick delivery

Thank you very much for your really great feedback of our service, it is very much appreciated.


David Mann
4 March 2020 09:58

Rointe KRI0550RAD3 - Kyros - Electric Radiator, 550W, 5 Elements

Heater so far seems just what was required works well

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Very efficient and pleasant on phone and delivery spot on.

Brilliant to hear, thank you very much for your review.


Steven Wood
4 March 2020 09:44

Harmoni Lugo HS0440 - Electric Radiator, 440W

So far, so good.

Easy to install. Looks great.

Hoping it will work as well as it looks

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The website and delivery was fantastic. Great service

Thank you very much for the fantastic review.


Susanna Hughes
2 March 2020 08:22

Rointe DIW0770RAD - D Series - Electric Radiator, White, 770W, 7 Elements

A final radiator to add to those we had a month ago

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Spot on delivery time. Product as described

Brilliant to hear, thank you for taking the time to leave such great feedback.