Haverland RCTTS Inerzia Electric Radiators

10 Year WarrantyLot 203 Pin Plug
Haverland RC8TTi
Haverland RC8TTi
Haverland RC10TTi
Haverland RC12TTi
Haverland RCTTS Inerzia Electric Radiators
Haverland RCTTS Inerzia Electric Radiators
Haverland RCTTS Inerzia Electric Radiators
Haverland RCTTS Inerzia Electric Radiators
ModelRooms Up ToWattageDimensionsNo. of FinsPriceStockQty
Haverland RC8TTS Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1200WRC8TTSInerzia
QF #: 9013
12 m²
1000 W
750 x 572 x 100 mm
£273.99 exc VAT
Rooms Up To12 m²
Wattage1000 W
Dimensions750 x 572 x 100 mm
No. of Fins8
Haverland RC10TTS Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1500WRC10TTSInerzia
QF #: 9014
15 m²
1500 W
903 x 572 x 100 mm
£320.99 exc VAT
Rooms Up To15 m²
Wattage1500 W
Dimensions903 x 572 x 100 mm
No. of Fins10
Haverland RC12TTS Inerzia - Electric Radiator, 1800WRC12TTSInerzia
QF #: 9015
18 m²
1800 W
1036 x 572 x 100 mm
£373.64 exc VAT
Rooms Up To18 m²
Wattage1800 W
Dimensions1036 x 572 x 100 mm
No. of Fins12
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The Haverland RCTTS Inerzia electric radiator is a slim, lightweight, high-density thermal medium, enabling you to heat up more space with less radiators. Dry stone technology radiators are significantly smaller than conventional radiators. They perform better, and are the undoubted leader in terms of style, and a more clean and modern appearance.

Why choose Haverland RCTTS Inerzia electric radiators?

  • Latest energy efficient dry stone thermal technology
  • Fully controllable digital chrono thermostat
  • Slim line design (100 mm)
  • 7 pre-set lifestyle heating programs and 1 bespoke option
  • Intuitive keypad
  • Comfort, economy and anti-freeze temperature settings
  • Built in energy monitoring feature
  • Low surface temperature with safety thermal limiter (75 degrees to touch)
  • Easy plug-in and go installation
  • Wall mounted with brackets included
  • No maintenance required
  • Space saving sleek curve design
  • Aluminium block with innovative curved elements

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Frequently asked questions

The surface of the radiators should be cleaned using warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Abrasive, solvents and spray cleaners – such as those intended for cleaning tiles and counter tops – should never be used as they can have a damaging effect on the finish of radiators. Clean especially at the start of winter, to avoid burning any dust accumulated during the summer.

The flex/power lead is on the right-hand side for the Haverland RCA, RCB, RCTT, RCTTi & RCE ranges of electric wall mounted radiators and conservatory radiators.

Quite simply - oil filled, gel filled and dry electric radiators are all electrically efficient, but may be more appropriate for your installation depending on your specific requirements and the size of the room that needs heating.

Dry heaters are designed to heat up both quickly and efficiently whilst you are in the room, ensuring that no heat energy is wasted when you do not require it. An Oil or Gel filled heater on the other hand will take longer to heat up and release heat into a room, but will heat your room for longer even after being turned off as that retained heat is dispersed slower.

Oil filled radiators are also deemed to be safer than a dry electric radiator as air flow to dry radiators can be affected by dust - therefore they can overheat and can be hot to the touch for children and pets in comparison to an oil filled radiator. There are specific low surface temperature electric radiators available for dry technology, although these are not widely available – they are a fantastic option for those who prefer the dry technology electric radiator.

Gel filled radiator is very similar to the oil filled radiator, but uses a thermodynamic gel compound as an alternative to oil for heat diffusion around the internals of the radiators metal construction.

Please see our Which Electric Radiator should I choose? Gel filled? Oil filled? or Dry? article for further information.